Welcome to Barefoot Native!


Barefoot Native was created with Mother Earth in mind. When we are barefoot we allow ourselves to be better connected to her, also acknowledging we are all connected to each other and native to this world.

We honor her by learning about her unique mysteries and sharing that knowledge with others. We endeavor to help our earthly community by guiding in self-connection and environmental appreciation. We hope to create a meditative museum experience by providing quality specimen and balancing energies.

When we live with intention and positive application, we are at peace. Symbiosis and love connect us all. May we improve every moment of each day in this cohesive goal.

Love & Light to you all!



Josh Peasley

Chief Executive Officer
Family man & business entrepreneur, Josh aka “Crystal Papi” is a true crystal collector who values quality & customer care above all!

Kelsey Peasley

Chief Operating Officer
Mother of 3 & lover of people, Kelsey is an energy empath dedicated to the study of stone anthropology.

Stewart Teel

Chief Technology Officer


About Barefoot Native

Barefoot Native was brought to life in 2018 by the passionate young Peasley couple. They love collecting one of a kind jewelry, crystals & fossils, but sharing that love with others has been the true gift! They provide the best quality gems & minerals Mother Earth has to offer for affordable prices.

We would be honored if you joined our community!