Arfvedsonite is a rare sodium amphibole mineral that crystallizes in the form of large masses, small prismatic shards, and fan-like prisms. It ranges in color from a dark black (with high-flash blue inclusions) to a deep blue or blue-green. Arfvedsonite is a newer crystal in the mineral kingdom, having first contact with humans around 1823. The man who discovered this mineral and who’s name forever encompasses Arfvedsonite is none other than Johan August Arfwedson. If that name looks familiar it’s due to the legacy he left behind, for his greatest achievement in life was discovering Lithium. Arfvedsonite has only a few major localities throughout the entire world, with most major commercialized operations seizing or having stopped their production completely. Important deposits have been discovered in Antarctica, China, Canada, Malawi, Greenland, Russia, New Zealand, Norway, and the United States.

Arfvedsonite has a supercharged energy within, capable of calming your emotional body while still maintaining a cool, collective mentality. This is perfect in times of distress, where one must be an adult and handle their responsibilities with a “poker face”. It pushes one to internalize their feelings until they are in a safe space or with a loved one where they can be vocalized. Doing so helps maintain an image of strength, while allowing your subconscious to remain in deep thought. During this time, one may come to the realization that it is a waste of time, energy, and emotion to hold onto something so minute. This will cause a natural release of negativity (a self purification experience) and give you the ability to laugh or talk about it afterwards with ease.

Arfvedsonite helps open your throat chakra to allow an outpouring of emotions, thoughts and feelings that one bears within. We recommend trying a new exercise to help one better communicate their emotional state. Try looking in the mirror while firmly grasping your piece of Arfvedsonite and slowly begin talking to yourself about the issues hurting you in that moment. Allow yourself to truly vacate whatever it is in your mind or heart, knowing that you are fully protected by Arfvedsonite’s energies. Do this a few times a week or each night before you go to bed and watch as you slowly begin to open yourself up (emotionally and spiritually) to the world around you.


  • Throat


  • Storm


  • 5 – 6


  • Gemini


  • (Na)(Na2)(Fe2+4Fe3+)Si8O22(OH)2


  • Mercury