For mineral enthusiasts out there you may have heard of the Tucson Gem Show and for those of you who do not know it is the largest gem and mineral show in the world! We went early this year to hand-select each piece to ensure gorgeous finds with unique quality and it did not disappoint. Each year we are more impressed with the incredible selection and rarities found at every show. If you ever have the chance to go, we highly recommend it! You will feel overwhelmed with beauty, joy and–mania. Imagine Black Friday crowds running around buying giant geodes and delicate crystal formations. It’s crazy. It’s amazing. 

However, if you cannot make it to Tucson this year, we have you covered! We stocked up on all our favorites and added many more. We are excited to share all the beautiful things we found and hope you too find something you love to add to your collection.

Each season we sell out of Pink Amethyst which is a problem since we can only buy it twice a year as it is difficult to find being an incredibly rare form of amethyst. Luckily we found 70 stunning pieces from Uruguay among many other treasures! From our plethora of palm stones, crystal clusters, fetishes and free form minerals you will have plenty to choose from. And that’s just the minerals, wait until you see the jewelry!

Stay tuned within the next month for many more reveals, deals and updates!

Pink Amethyst from Uruguay


Crown, Third Eye & Heart Chakras

Pink Amethyst represents divine love and spiritual connection. It is emotionally balancing and facilitates acceptance and self-love. It enhances one’s intuition to better guide the soul, promoting better relationships and healthy life choices. Its creative and productive energies are helpful for business, especially in negotiations. Pink Amethyst is a very rare form of Amethyst, a “true beauty” which is also what it assists its user in seeing in life—the rare, true beauty within us all.

Rainbow Pink Amethyst from Uruguay

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