COVID-19 NOTICE: We hope you and your families are healthy and safe during these unprecedented times. Please follow the hygiene guidelines and social recommendations of the CDC as we make a collective effort to support the overall health of the human species. The decision was made by the Governor of Colorado, Jared Polis, to issue a statewide “stay-at-home” order, instructing all “non-essential” businesses to close this morning, March 26th, 2020. We are adhering to these orders by closing our storefront to the public until the shutdown is lifted on April 11th. On the flip-side our online store is doing well and hope you will consider supporting us here in the meantime.

The main purpose of this notice is actually to offer some helpful tips, to not only fill your time but promote your health and the health of those around you. The stress everyone is feeling right now is palpable and unfortunately often self-serving. Wouldn’t be nice if we all took this time improve something? Whether that be on ourselves, our relationships, our homes, our careers, our dreams–well now we have the time. What a novel idea.

How will we spend this time? How will it change us? 


– SLEEP. Especially if you are a parent, take this time to recharge. 6-8 hours per night! 

(Best Crystals for SleepingSelenite & Ammonite fossils.)

– MEDITATE. Just sit down and relax and let it all go. Silence your mind of worries, doubts and fears. Nothing is going on in the world that you’ve caused or can cure (unless you’re a virologist). Do what you can and let the rest fall where it may. As long as we have time, we have the ability to find our purpose and our peace.

(Best Crystals for MeditationAmethyst & Lepidolite)

– WORK. You can take this time to fuse into your couch and Netflix yourself into oblivion. Or you can focus on making improvements in your life by setting up realistic approaches to achieving your goal(s) and putting in the work. Many will use this time to start a new business or grow an existing one. But this doesn’t just apply to professional endeavors. Many will take this opportunity to spend time with their families which can be considered work in the sense that improving your relationships and educating your children take effort. Just don’t be idle. Produce something. Be present. Don’t be on your phone all the time.

(Best Crystals for Work: Tourmaline, Flower Agate & Citrine)

– COOK. Make food for yourself so that you are more aware of what you put into your body. I do not recommend dieting, but I strongly recommend lifestyle changes. Food is the biggest contributor to disease and vitality so choose wisely! Learn a new recipe or how to bake. You have a few weeks and multiple months-worth of food to make this happen. The grocery stores are not closed.

(Best Crystals for Cooking: Aventurine & Obsidian)

– CLEAN. Everything and often. Wash your hands. Hand sanitizer is not a substitute for soap nor is it better. Frequent use of both is recommended right now. Wear gloves if you go to a public setting and clean up after yourself. If you are sick, stay home and if you are immune-compromised, STAY HOME!

(Best Crystals for Cleanliness: Kyanite & Rose Quartz)

– ENJOY NATURE. Get out and really take in your surroundings–alone. Don’t try to rush anything, take your time to truly enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us everyday (especially here in Colorado). Count your blessings and appreciate your loved ones with deep gratitude. Appreciate your body and the amazing gift it is in all forms. Embrace gratitude with your entire being and manifest love as life has manifested from molten rock and toxic gases. Nature is wild and she is trying to kill us right now. Let us be humbled by her and appreciate her more.

(Best Crystals for Grounding: Hematite & Shungite)

– EXERCISE. It is very important to be proactive about your health so that when your immune system is faced with threats your body can fight it off easier. The stronger you make your lungs, the stronger they will be when fighting the virus. And if you are sick or recovering, take it easy for longer than you typically would. People (often healthcare workers) with COVID-19 who originally display mild symptoms will become increasingly sick with physical exertion. Activity level is key so listen to your body and cherish it as a gift.

(Best Crystals for Health- RespiratoryAngel Quartz, Fluorite & Bloodstone)

– SUPPORT LOCAL. Your local economy will need all the active participants it can get. So if you are not going to cook for yourself, get to-go or delivery from your local restaurant, not large chains. Instead of buying everything from Walmart and Amazon check-out a small business’s website to buy your products from. When you buy local opposed to purchasing from large corporations you are contributing to your community thus your dollars have more purchase power. Economic health affects mental health so keep yourself and others in mind with every purchase.

(Best Crystals for Money Management: Jade & Iron Pyrite aka Fool’s Gold)

– BE PATIENT. There is always someone out there that is struggling more than you. The truth is we are spoiled as a first-world country and are not accustomed to the instability we are experiencing right now. Wallowing in your sorrow will not help you have less sorrow. Keep your complaints to a minimum and try the best you can to help yourself. When it becomes too much, reach out and seek the assistance because there are many benevolent people that are willing to help others in need, especially now.

(Best Crystals for Patience: Howlite & Emerald)


During World War II everything was about collectivism, to further the war effort. All the young men that suffered on the frontlines, the millions of innocents who starved and perished throughout Europe, the Soviet Union, China and the specific atrocity of the Holocaust were all considerably terrible aspects of this time. Here in the U.S.A. the citizens were safe by global standards, however, not immune to the effects of the war. Families rationed their food, men and women joined the workforce directly benefiting the cause and people held tight to their loved ones as our youth died by the thousands.

Our story has not had the same tone of togetherness so far. We are literally ordered to separate by a 6′ minimum. Everyone is hoarding like it’s the Irish Potato Famine of 1845 when the truth is our food-supplies are not threatened and neither is the supply-chain for most manufactured goods. The tourism industry is the most negatively affected sectors of the economy by COVID-19. However, families are still sending their loved ones away, fearing they will never see them again just like in 1942 but this time they are going to the hospital where they cannot receive visitors because it is not safe. Pregnant women are delivering babies without loved ones there to help them get through the endless hours of labor because it is that unsafe at hospitals. We can only imagine how on-edge our courageous healthcare workers are feeling and genuinely hope they receive the full support they need right now.

Hopefully after we have all emerged from the wreckage of this terrible disease that we will recognize these amazing professionals with the rockstar treatment we’ve so misallocated all these years towards celebrities. Hopefully we give them the support and respect they deserve. Hopefully we figure out how to treat this virus and future viral diseases. Hopefully we all stop hoarding senseless material items and in turn donate, even if it’s just our time. Hopefully we can turn this fear-based “me” attitude into the same “we” attitude of our predecessors. Hopefully…


How quickly our lives have changed and will continue to change in the next 18 months! That much transition and unknowns can riddle anyone with anxiety. We should practice caution this as it is a true threat, although invisible it is here and very real. The shift was noticeable. This is not a drill, but it is a test. We should be vigilant in staying true to ourselves during this tumultuous situation and face away from fear-based temptations. We cannot let the fear in, as it is hate in the form of assurance which is dangerous. Staying positive is just as essential as staying home.

Please be positive, kind and healthy!

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